The Best of Penang  

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Malaysia can be seen as the centre of Southeast Asia, which is the reason why this destination is getting more and more popular. From Kuala Lumpur you can travel to almost every destination in South-Asia. Furthermore, the country itself has a lot to offer. From the busy city life in Kuala Lumpur to duty-free Langkawi island.

The country is a melting pot of different cultures where you can see Chinese, Indian, Malay and other ethnic groups peacefully living next to each other. If you love old heritage, great seafood and art, then Penang island is the place for you! Where the weather is as warm as the hospitality. Already curious about Penang – where to go and what to do? Read on and be enlightened about the place.

Where to stay
Finding a resort in Malaysia or finding a good place in Penang isn’t that hard. Nowadays, the island is getting quite popular, which stimulated the growth of accommodations. When you’re looking for a decent hostel, Ryokan Munri Botique hostel is the place to be. Centrally located, the rooms are clean and the staff is friendly. What more could you ask for? In need of a more luxurious address? Maybe the Penang Batu Ferringhi Hotel is something for you. With hotel Batu Ferringhi, of course I’m referring to the Holiday Inn Hotel that is located in the beautiful vicinity of Batu Ferringhi.

Penang Batu Ferringhi Hotel

What to eat
When talking to anyone in Malaysia about Penang, one of the first things they always mention is that the food there is absolutely amazing. Penang offers a wide range of dishes, from street food to fine dining places. One thing’s for sure, foodies will be spoilt for choice. Try dishes like Nasi Kandar, Laksa, Char Kuey Teow and of course every available seafood dish. You won’t find fresher fish than in Penang.

hotel batu ferringhi
What to see and do
There are lots of activities you can do varying from spending time under the sun overloaded beaches to sniffing some culture. The streets of George Town have a unique, charming and picturesque feel to them. Here you can find beautiful street art, architecture and sights from their colonial past. Visit Penang Hill to experience a cool breeze while enjoying the panoramic views of the island.

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The Clan Jetties are the oldest living heritage Penang island has to offer. More than one century ago, these Chinese immigrants came to seek their fortune here. If you still have some time left, stop by one of the many flea markets to buy some cool souvenirs.

As you can see, Penang has a lot to offer. We’ve pointed out some highlights of Penang, the rest is yours to discover. If we missed something really important, drop a comment and let us know!


Fancy Up Your Garden By Building A Pond


Imagine: you come home from work and walk immediately to your garden where you are able to enjoy the life in and around your pond. The sound of flowing water and swimming fish relaxes you after a long, busy day.

A pond is something that can really fancy up your garden. Besides, it is something that will fit every garden and it is not even that hard to make a pond yourself! Have you gotten enthusiastic already and want to know more information about how to create a pond in your garden? Quickly read further!

One thing to take account of first is the fact that a nice pond is realised with care and time. Before you start digging, ask yourself a few questions:

Do I really want a pond in my garden?
Think about the fact that having a pond is kind of a hobby. When you have your pond, you will have to spend money, time and effort on it. The nice ponds you have seen were probably maintained very well which made them look so enjoyable. Still, when your pond is build correctly, the costs and effort will also be just normal.

Which pond do I want?
There are many possibilities to choosing a pond that suits your garden and style. For inspiration, you could buy magazines or go to gardening stores where you can get advice on which ponds are appropriate for your garden.



  • Now that you know what you want, you can start making a plan. In this plan you incorporate a design of your garden including your new pond, a map with all the measurements and lastly a plantation plan.
  • After this, ask yourself which things need to be done before you can really start digging your pond. Do you have to replace some plants, move electricity cables or pavements? All this has to be perfect so you won’t encounter any problems later on.
  • Check the groundwater level beforehand so that there is no groundwater leaking into your pond. You can measure this yourself or retrieve it through the internet.

Building the pond

  • Finally you can start digging your pond. A lot of people choose for an excavator hire for this part, as this is the most essential part in building your pond. A bobcat rental can also be a good option. During digging, pay attention to any roots and other sharp objects. Make sure to remove them with the help of a mini excavator rental as these objects can ruin your whole pond.
  • After doing this, place a soil conservation over the hole you have just created.
  • Now you can apply pond foil, which will add an extra protection layer for rainy days.
  • Having done this, you can start finishing the borders. Here you have to take account of the fact that your border has to be completely straight. Otherwise your pond will look really unfinished.
  • After finishing the border, you can fill the pond with water. Make sure, after you filled it that you treat it with GH-Extra (a powder). Adding this powder means that your pond is suitable to grow plants.
  • The last step that is left for you is to place all your water plants which is probably the most fun step to to. Choose suitable plants that are able to grow in your garden and start planting them!

Now the very last important part that is left to you is maintaining the pond and keeping it clean and bright. To achieve this, your pond needs minerals and CO2-fertilization. If you just teach yourself a routine, this process will be very easy and you are able to enjoy your pond without any much hassle!  

Basic Tips to Care For Your Swimming Pool


On a hot summer day, a dip in the swimming pool is a huge welcome from the heat. However, you can’t necessarily dive into its cool blue water not unless you have a clean and properly maintained swimming pool to prolong its crystal clear perfection. Owning a swimming pool is awesome, but keeping it maintained can be much of a burden than a blessing!

Proper swimming pool maintenance & repair can do more than just lengthening your enjoyment under the sun. It can extend the life of your pool’s external parts and its interior. Here are a few basic tips to care for your swimming pool for sparkling clean water.

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair
1. Remove any debris

Look at the surface of the pool for floating debris and dispose away the waste from the skimmer basket. This is so that waste doesn’t blow back into the pool water. If you have leaves and flowers fallen into the pool, consider trimming back your trees and bushes.

2. Vacuum the pool

Just like mowing the lawn, you need to vacuum the pool once in awhile. An average pool takes about 30 minutes of vacuuming. If there is debris on the bottom of the inground pool, you can use the vacuum cleaner to remove it. Finish off by cleaning the sides of the pool with a nylon brush on the vacuum pole.

3. Adjust chemicals and chlorine

Adjust the pH of the pool chemistry with muriatic acid if it’s above 7.6. If it’s under 7.4, adjust it with soda ash product. Stabilized chlorine products sanitize your pool water and kill bacteria. They are protected from sunlight degradation and are ideal means to keep your pool clean and clear. Opt for lithium-based chlorine which won’t jar pH, dissolves easily and won’t leave any residue.

4. Backwash the filters and pumps

After a period of time, the contaminates in a sand filter start to clog the sand to the point where water flow is significantly diminished. Turn on the pump and backwash the filter for at least two minutes. The water in the sight glass on the side of the valve will change from cloudy to clear.

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair
Precautions to consider

1. Metals

There should not be any form of metal in your swimming pool water. Metals can cause staining in the pool resulting in the change of colour of the pool. A stain and scale remover should be used on a regular basis to prevent staining.

2. Algaecide

To enjoy a clean pool, there should be algae prevention. Algaecides will prevent algae from starting and growing in the pool and acts as a backup to your normal sanitization program. 

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair

3. Pool leak detection
It’s natural for your pool to lose some water to evaporation, some to splash out, and some to backwashing your filter. But if you routinely need to add more than two inches of water to your pool per week, you may have a leak. If your pool maintenance is wearing you down and becoming more of a hassle, then it’s time to schedule for a professional pool leak detection using the latest electronic leak detection technology.

4. Pool Lining
Sometimes there may be a leakage in the pool lining. You can use vinyl pool liner repair kits so that your pool will constantly look brand new and clean.

If you aren’t sure of the types of chemicals you need to add into your pool water, seek help from a pool professional. Adding these chemicals unknowingly can change up the water’s condition which makes it dangerous for swimmers.

4 Things You Should Not Miss in Batu Ferringhi

Malaysians and even expats would come to know about Penang, the land where the best local delicacies are born. Nothing really tops that. But what else is there to notice about the beautiful island of Penang? One of Penang’s most popular destination second after Georgetown, Batu Ferringhi consists of a stretch of white sandy beach with popular destinations for dining as well as a line of luxurious resort in Malaysia.

Batu Ferringhi is a place where you would possibly find yourself relaxing at the beach aside from strolling at the night market, immersing in local culture or just plainly enjoying the wild time with a variety of water sports. Here are 4 must-go hot spots to accommodate travelers who visit Batu Ferringhi.

1. Batu Ferringhi Night Market

image (1)
The night market is pretty much legendary. As the sun sets, you may notice that vendors set up stalls along the stretch of Jalan Batu Ferringhi that offers an extensive range of products for sale where you could also bargain for the best rates. The trick is to bargain half the price of what has been originally set. Some items you can find are faux designer bags, handmade souvenirs, local artworks, and clothing.

Let’s not forget the fact that Jalan Batu Ferringhi itself is a long stretch of road, so just prepare yourself for the massive amount of walking. This carnival-like atmosphere with an open air bazaar is not one you should miss in Batu Ferringhi.

2. Batu Ferringhi Beach

The beach at Batu Ferringhi is what you would imagine to be. Think white sandy beach that is miles long with tall palm trees and pristine waters in blue. Doesn’t it sound like paradise? Soak up the sun or unwind yourself on the soft powdery sands while you enjoy a host of aquatic thrills at the water sports operators. You can go windsurfing, kayaking, riding on a banana boat, and jet skiing. To further heighten your adventure pleasures, go parasailing to get an amazing aerial view of the beach.

3. Luxury Resorts of Batu Ferringhi

While there is a paradise of white sandy beach, it is lined with a string of international-standard resorts for travelers to comfortably lodge in. Although there are quite a few public beaches, certain Penang Batu Ferringhi hotels even take up and privately own sections for that “beach front” view.

Some of the most iconic luxury resorts where you can drive along the strip are Golden Sands by Shangri La Resort, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang Holiday Inn, and many more. These hotels may offer you exquisite experiences that feature well-appointed rooms with sea views, uniquely designed swimming pools, tons of amenities and the list goes on. Retune and recharge your body whilst being pampered as there will be spas with treatments and services you can really look out for.

4. Tropical Spice Garden

The Penang’s Tropical Spice Garden is an eco-tourism rainforest environment consisting a variety of tropical flora and exotic fauna species – perfect for avid fans of nature! The nature conservation complex features garden trails whereby journeys past beautiful jungle landscapes such as waterfalls, rainfalls and streams. At the Tree Monkey Cafe set in the middle of the rainforest and sea views, you can attend cooking classes at the culinary school using all manners of herbs planted from the garden itself.

Through a comprehensive audio tour, you get an innovative learning trip about the herbaceous life and knowledge on spices that have been a vital part of Penang’s history. Travelers not only get to explore the fragrant landscape of the spice garden but receive a truly educational motive from there.

If you are up for a trip to Penang this weekend, check out some of the best hotels in Batu Ferringhi to have the best accommodation and experience all types of attractions!

8 Facts About Malaysia

1. Capital city


The capital city of Malaysia would be Kuala Lumpur, also called KL by the local citizen. This beautiful metropolis is characterized by old buildings and on the opposite tall skyscrapers, which create an awesome view all around KL.

2. Time difference

Flying from Amsterdam to Malaysia takes about 12 hours. The time difference is 7 hours, in the summer this is actually 6 hours.   

3. Malaria


Malaria hasn’t been detected for years now on the Island of Malaysia. However in some parts of Borneo it’s still possible to catch this mean disease. Always let you inform from the Area Health Authority (GGD) to understand the risks. Dengue is however still common so definitely bring some mosquito spray with DEET in it.   

4. Main citizens

Malaysia has three major citizen groups namely: Malay, Chinese and Indians. The minority groups consist of Orang Asli, sikhs and Eurasians. The country has over 30 million inhabitants whose most of them live in the Western peninsula.

5. Climate

malaysian weather

Malaysia doesn’t has seasons like most countries are used to. During the year the temperature almost don’t fluctuate. The temperatures vary from 20°C in the higher situated areas to 32°C in the rest of the country. The humidity is always very high because Malaysia has a tropical environment. Malaysia also has to endure rain season, which can cause some trouble travelling in certain parts of the country.

6. Internet

For some reason Western people believe they can’t buy Internet in Malaysia. Let me help to clear that situation. It is of course possible to get Internet in Malaysia. Just go to an Malaysian internet service provider and they will gladly help you. The connection will be the same as your home broadband internet, so don’t worry. I even got one month free broadband when I just got here.

7. Driving left

Malaysia was a former colony of England and you can still see the influences of the Englishman. A lot of Malaysian people can speak English very well. In fact they belong to the top English speaking countries around the world. The other thing is that they drive on the left side of the road, just like the English.   

8. Official language


The official language in the county is called Bahasa Malaysia but most of the locals can speak English very well due to the English influences during the 19th century.

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What You Should Do In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur also known as KL is the capital city of Malaysia. This metropolis has around 2,3 million people living within its city borders. The city is a melting pot of different cultures. The three main cultures are Malay, Chinese and Indian. This diversity can also be seen in the many delicious dishes this country has to offer.

Petronas Towers


The most famous and impressive building in whole Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas Towers. With its enormous height of 452 meter and impressive architecture the building definitely stands out. It’s a must see, especially at night when the towers light up and create a beautiful sight. I suggest taking a look when the night falls. During this time the fountain at the foot of the towers will give an impressive light show. It’s a wonderful place where tourists and local enjoy their evening.  

Chinatown Market


Chinatown market, better known as Petaling Street, is a popular place with multiple temples worth visiting. Furthermore you can go there to buy cheap clothes, shoes and a whole lot of other stuff. Western people aren’t used to it but bargaining with the salesman is absolutely normal in Chinatown. Also check out the wet market where the locals but there food and try some Chinese dishes.

Shopping malls


Malaysia has some of the most amazing shopping malls I have ever seen in my life. Having a great shopping experience in Malaysia will be secured. There are even malls with attraction park in it, consisting of roller coasters and ice skating rinks, how crazy is that? Definitely a must see.


One of the most famous nightlife areas in Kuala Lumpur is located is an area called Changkat. You will not only find a huge amount of bar but also multiple clubs within walking distance from each other. It’s possible to party almost every given day in this street filled with locals, expats and tourists. There are some places open till 6AM so if you like to party, you should definitely check out Changkat. Maybe even grab a midnight snack at the dozens of food stands just around the corner. If clubbing is more the experience you are looking for, Zouk is the place to be. This newly opened club is already one of the biggest clubs in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


People who stay longer than a couple of months in Kuala Lumpur should buy a Malaysian sim-card. This way you can get broadband to go and even a data plan. This allows you to use Internet everywhere in Kuala Lumpur, which could come in handy. Just don’t forget to compare the different broadband deals to make sure you get the best deal.

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How NFL’s Greed Devours Young Athletes

We will have to perfect the helmet if we are to continue with football. We seem strangely committed to these hard plastic shells that seem to transmit trauma rather than damp it down. It is time we developed new materials that absorb the energy of a collision completely. This would mean eliminating head trauma and moving towards international education in Malaysia.

Our materials scientists have devised substances for space vehicles that can withstand the forces of reentry into the earth’s atmosphere. Surely controlling the energy of two 260 lb. bodies colliding at a speed of 20 MPH shouldn’t be too hard a challenge.

Unfortunately the thickest helmet in the world will not prevent concussions from occurring.

Any hit to any part part of the body that causes sudden deceleration (e.g. tackling, blocking or falling) will cause the brain (which is relatively mobile in cerebrospinal fluid) to forcefully hit the inside of the skull, causing coup-contracoup injury. This simple fact is why helmet design changes or “heads-up” tackling campaigns will never eliminate CTE.
The NFL is going to do what the NFL wants but how about trying right now to end high school and college football? Why can’t parents, students, faculty, alumni and others start the process of ending football as a student sport? Nobody 12 years old has the judgement or maturity to decide whether playing football is worth eventually dying of a brain injury – possibly at 27, as is commonsense among international schools Malaysia.

The injury to Muhammed Ali effectively took the pleasure out of the sport of boxing. But there are so many people – many of them children – now playing football that it may take forever to effect the same horrified response in the public. Better for those directly involved in the game – high schools and colleges – to lead the way on this by banning the game now. To those who will belligerently argue on behalf of football – are you willing to slam your head into a concrete wall every day for years for a large amount of money?

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Marini’s on 57 rooftop bar Kuala Lumpur

 soon as the words ‘rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur’ drop, Marini’s on 57 should be the first bar that comes to mind. With its numerous aspects you can tell why perfection is the only word to describe this bar. With its luxurious designs, elegant ambiance, and divine offerings, Marini’s on 57 is a bar you will not be able to forget easily.

They have managed to establish themselves as one of the hottest and most glamorous nightspot in the midst of Kuala Lumpur. They also claim the title for the ‘loftiest’ rooftop bar in Malaysia. Featuring a spectacular rooftop bar, a very modern Italian restaurant that serves gastronomic master pieces with fresh ingredients, and their luxurious Cigar lounge, Marini’s on 57 has managed to create an alluring combination of culinary and nocturnal experiences for a sophisticated clientele.


Marina's on 57 rooftop bar

Marina’s on 57 rooftop bar, Kuala Lumpur

It was only recently that Marini’s on 57 introduced a wide range of new cocktails, and the innovative skills from their award winning master of mixologists, Rizal Junior, are being showcased. And this week, it celebrated its 3th anniversary complete with guests, Mr. Marini himself, and a Dutch DJ, they could not have celebrated the beginning of their fourth year any better.
Whether it’s cocktails, mocktails, beer, wine, name whatever you want and they will provide. You will find drinks in the menu you may have never even heard before. Added to that they have so-called ‘promotions’, and ‘packages’ when it comes to liquor. Which is ideal for the ones that want to experience a high-class, luxury bar but refuse to pay too much. If you want to know when these packages are applicable, definitely take a look on their website.


Marini’s is open daily and they start serving at the lounge from 3:00 PM, the bar starts at 05:00 PM, and if you want to go for dinner, the restaurant opens at 7 PM. Because of the still increasing popularity of Marini’s on 57, and also because it is considered as a “must-see” for many tourists, booking a table in advance is strongly recommended. This counts for both the restaurant and the rooftop bar.
“There can’t be good living, when there is no good drinking” – Benjamin Franklin
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Marble 8

While it seems like a sincerely impossible task, Marble 8 has managed to create a site that brings a contemporary steakhouse with a heavenly dining flair, an extensive bar, and a posh lounge together in one single place.

Not only because of the splendid view, but also for their exquisite menu, Marble 8 is a top-notch steakhouse and lounge. The majestic Petronas Twin Towers can almost be touched, and there is an impressive view, when sitting near the glass walls or in the radiant garden. Their premium steaks and trendy cocktails contribute to an ultimate luxury dining experience.

Marble 8's premium cigar and sigle malt whiskey lounge

Marble 8’s premium cigar and sigle malt whiskey lounge

Commencing your culinary journey in Marble 8 starts at the bar, that breathes sophistication and style. With its timeless and innovative elixirs, you might discover your new all-time favourite while enjoying exclusively selected music that highlight the evening.

Besides their incredible popularity for its chic bar and lounge, it is bringing new depths and elegance to their steakhouse as well. A haven for steak-lovers, with its very own signature Marble 8 cuts, it is raising the gastronomic bar to an astonishing level.


But the absolute crown piece of Marble 8 has to be its distinguished privé. Immerse yourself in an undisturbed and peaceful chamber, where the whisky is flowing and where a classy vibe prevails. Get indulged in the finest selection of whiskey and cigars. Being a supreme lounge bar in Kuala Lumpur requires a world class ambiance, and irresistible offerings brought to you in marvelous service.

A classy lounge where one can enjoy an extensive whiskey and cigar offering. The lounge absolutely has a gentlemen’s club feel to it with its luxury leather couches and smooth dark-toned decor. “This is what I imagined the whole place would look like and I’m more than glad it came out the way I intended it to,” says Marini.

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